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March Amazon Haul .....

Nicole Oswalt

Since I had soo many request for another amazon haul ask and you shall receive. I ordered a good bit and ended up keeping these three things and they are so good. The first item is this adorable T-shirt. It does run small I have on an extra large. I have paired it with pink jogger and you can find them on my Liketoknowit page or just click the pick at the top of the blog. Next is this cold shoulder gray blouse. I was blown away with the quality. This is beautiful for date night. I have paired it with black pants but it is also great with white jeans. Then this fabulous sweater dress. It is super light weight and perfect for my beach trip coming up. It would also be cute with a pair of flare jeans. It is a little thin so I have put a slip under it but you could get away without one. It is a great length. You may shop the bag and hat from my liketoknowit page. I always read the reviews with Amazon to decide what size to order and usually they are helpful. I have linked all of these items with the pictures below. Just click to order. Happy shopping…

Spring Jeans So Many New Styles

Nicole Oswalt

I have put together all of my favorite jeans. All of them are under $100 and most are under $50.. These are all flattering and come in a wide range of sizes. I have linked them all on this Blog post. You simple click on the picture are it will take you to the website to order. When you do this it is a big help to me. I get a very small commission . So shop away girls.

Four Great Pieces from Russell's Gifts

Nicole Oswalt

One thing I really love about MS are the small town boutiques. They are our hidden jewels. Now with Social Media they are easy accessible to us all. I always find the cutest things her. The first piece is this Free People dupe.. This shirt may actually be better quality than Free People. I love the colors and the cute bell sleeves r but most of all I’ve the price ($34.99). If you have a vacation coming up I suggest this beautiful maxi ($45). I also love this little off the shoulder top ( with embroidered roses. The sleeves and tie front are so on trend. This snake skin midi dress ($44.50) is perfect for the office or Sunday Brunch. This coin necklace (18.99) is so pretty too. You may call them or inbox them on Facebook or Instagram. They are happy to ship it to you.

Russell’s Gifts 334 Depot St. Lexington MS 662-834-1188

Three Great Reasons to Shop Vibe Clothing Company

Nicole Oswalt

I was so excited to get my box in from Vibe Clothing Company. I knew it would be full of exciting pieces. Let me give you three great reasons you are going to love them,

  1. This boutique is all about fashion at any age and any size. Most of their items go from 2-20 in size and some go from 0-24.

  2. Their tunic length is perfect!!! It is not to short and not to long. If covers the body in such a flattering way.

  3. Their pants are have major stretch but are still very much on trend. Comfort meets fashion with this retailer.

If those three(3) reason aren’t enough, you should check out the prices. You may shop Vibe in-store, on-line or on Instagram or Facebook. All of these pieces are perfect to throw in your suitcase and roll. You can style all of these must haves so many ways. I will be watching for new arrivals to share with you on my Instagram stories.

5180 Old Hwy 11 Hattiesburg MS 601-261-5683

130 W. Cherokke St. Brookhaven MS 39601 601-265-2444


Use my discount code JANE10 for 10%off. All items are linked below.

Leopard Top-$44.99 Flare Jeans-$41.99 Pink Dress-$25.99 Came Top-$33.99 White Jeans-$4199

My makeup products...

Nicole Oswalt

I get so many questions about my makeup everyday that I thought it might be easier just to link all of the products I use on a regular basis on the blog. You can simply click on the picture to order. The game changers for me were the the primer, highlighter, setting powder and finishing spray. I find that if you alternate them every few days they work better. This are all product that have hit the scene in the past few years. These products truly make such a difference. I have linked all of these products to make it easy for you.

My 1st Amazon Haul and what I learned..

Nicole Oswalt

I hate to admit it but this was the 1st time I have ever really shopped Amazon. Now, Big Daddy is a Prime member and buys quite a bit but I have always preferred boutiques. You may shop all the items in my haul by simply clicking on the images. I will be sharing some of the items and how I styled them on Facebook, Instagram and the Liketoknowit app. When shopping Amazon it is important to be a Prime member. You may have up to 4 different people in one household under one membership. This membership gives you free shipping and extra discounts. So basically if you order 10 things a year it pays for itself. One important thing to know is to look for items with the word prime out by the item description. This means quick free shipping. If you order items without the prime by the description they can be coming from China and sometimes there are issues with return and timely shipping. It is possible for an item to go on and off of Prime so double check on items you leave in your cart. Things often restock rather quickly on Amazon so if they are out of your size check back frequently. I also like to read reviews on items because less expensive items often run small. I have linked several leopard leggings be cause they are selling out so quickly. You have to act fast with Amazon. If you have any questions feel free to inbox me on Instagram and I will try to help. I have added some pictures below the haul items of how I styled some of the pieces.

How to look cute in the rain....

Nicole Oswalt

With all the rain we have had lately I decided to do a small post on Rain Gear.

I was contacted by the cutest company Lillybee. This company has the cutest rain boots I have ever seen. They have so many that would be so cute for sporting events or just everyday. I also love their flats which are perfect to slip in your purse to switch out when those feet are hurting. Sometimes rain boots are not very comfortable but these are so comfy. You can check out their website lillybee.com . You may follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Use my discount code for the boots SHINE30 for 30% off now thru February 15th.

Boots- here



Valentines Day Gift Guide

Nicole Oswalt

By the time he buys candy and flowers he could do I gift…. Here are some ideas for him. These are all prices and some are more romantic than others. If you don’t have a Valentine then just treat yourself, you deserve it. Either way I hope you all have a great day and show love and gratitude in some way.

Outdoor Living Space 101...

Nicole Oswalt

There is nowhere on earth I love more than my porch it is our own romantic cozy staycation. If it is time to kick back I can be found on my porch more times than not. We have fans for the summer and heaters for the winter. I change it up for the different seasons and entertain every chance I get. The first thing I splurged on was great art. This piece is by Joyce Street. She brings color and brighten the space. I love to start with black and white and the base. I have tons of black and white rugs all different sizes all over my porch. This one is only $59. I like to layer them with other colors for spring. I have found so many interesting things from the Outlet in Jackson MS. The face planter and vases are from there and you can find so many unusual things for great prices. I find a lot of pillow at Hobby Lobby and Home Goods, I also love At home for outdoor cushions. Baskets also make a huge impact on outdoor spaces. As far as entertaining I am so obsessed with these insulated wine glasses and have linked them for you, I have linked several of the items below the porch pictures. If you are interested in ordering any of the items you may click on the individual items below. I will be sharing more outdoor decorating and entertaining tips this spring. Let me know if you have some outdoor ideas for me.

Leggings...How to wear them when you are over 29!

Nicole Oswalt

With the new Spanx leggings there is no reason to shy away from this trend when you are lets say over 29.. The first thing you need is a v neck sweater or longer top. I still like to do a front tuck with the tunic and tie something around my waist. You can do a plaid or striped top or even a jean jacket. This covered your bum and outside and inside thighs taking off any easy 15 lbs. I added the new belt bag with It. I love that for hands free shopping or grand baby holding. Get a cute pair of sneakers you will not regret it. These I have on are Ash and I got them for Christmas. Unfortunately they are out of stock but I am watching for a restock. I am linking this outfit on the picture above this post and on the Liketonknowit App. I also will untuck the tunic and throw on a scarf, wrap or vest. I love to do the plaid top and front tuck and wrap a denim jacket around my waist. It is so cute with the plaid shirt (tunic length untucked) and wear the denim jacket over it. I usually throw on a baseball cap with this look. If you want to dress them up don’t be afraid to add boots or booties. You will love these casual and comfortable looks I promise!


New Year's Eve Stay at Home Celebration

Nicole Oswalt

This year we decided to stay at home and have a celebration for two. We usually spend it with friends, but I have been a little under the weather and staying in sounded good. The hottest fashion trend this year has been to combine your dressy with your casual, so it only seems perfect to do that with our stay at home celebration. You can shop my outfit by clicking the picture above or on the Liketoknowit app. The Skirt is only $18 and the shoes are on sale for $58 and are super comfortable. We will dine outside on the porch (with heaters) so I thought this sweater would be perfect. I decided to serve Whit’s Chicken Enchiladas, Market Street Corn, and a Key Lime Pie. Those recipes can be found on my Southern Shine 2017 Pinterest page under the New Year’s Eve page. The Champagne Margaritas seemed like the perfect cocktail for our little celebration ( see the recipe below). We have each written down our five favorite moments of 2018 and will share them with each other during dinner. This is always fun to compare, I am so thankful for you who has made this dream become a reality for me. Lets get ready to make this the best year ever.


4 T. Rose’s Sweet Lime Juice

2 oz. white tequila

2 oz. Triple

1 T. fresh squeezed lime juice

6 oz. brut champagne

sugar the rim and garnish with a lime

Shop the Macy's sale with me

Nicole Oswalt

I have found some great sale items that will go fast and a few items that are just worth paying full price. You may shop by clicking on the item. It will take you to the Macy’s website even if you choose not to purchase that item if you continue shopping the site I will benefit. Anytime you go to the website through my links I will benefit. I really appreciate you shopping my links.

Shop the Dillard's Sale with me

Nicole Oswalt

I really love Dillards. Below you will see my sale pics and a few other items which are just worth full price. You may shop the items by clicking on the photos below. if you just want to shop Dillards just click on any photo and it will take you to the website. I actually get a small commission if you shop that way. I really appreciate you doing it that way.

Shop the Nordstrom sale with me,,,

Nicole Oswalt

I have picked some great items some on sale and some are just worth the money. You may shop them by clicking on the picture or you may click on a picture and shop Nordstrom through my link. This helps me so much as an influencer. Happy Shopping

My own little Whoville....

Nicole Oswalt

I have to be honest and say I would have never done something so cheesy a few years ago. Then I had grandchildren. They love the movie The Grinch so much and watch it even in the summer. And that is when it hit me, I needed to have a Whoville Christmas. This Saturday we will have our family Christmas party and we will all dress up like Whovillians. Here are a few pics of my house. I will also be sharing pics from the party next week. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

My Favorite thing about the Holidays is the Pajama Style

Nicole Oswalt

I have linked my favorite Pj’s and you can click on the pictures and shop.

Teeth Whitening at Home for Sensitive Teeth, Does It Work?

Nicole Oswalt

I  recently collaborated with Smile Brilliant to review their At Home Whitening Kit. It is a very easy way to achieve a beautiful bright smile in the comfort of your own home. When the kit arrived I   made my own impressions with the molding clay they sent. This process was so simple. It took only a few minutes. I stuck them in the mail and my trays were sent back to me within a week.


I  then started the two step process. You simply put the whitening gel in the tray. It takes about 45 minutes so I  like to do my hair and makeup while I whiten. Next you rinse the tray and fill it with the desensitizing gel. This second process closes the pores and helps to keep the teeth white and helps prevent any sensitivity you might have. By the way I   have very sensitive teeth and this step was very helpful.


I  have received so many compliments on my smile lately. I  was very happy with my results and would definitely recommend this kit. Smile Brilliant and I   will be giving away a kit and I have a coupon code for you too.


15% off coupon code: southernshine15

Giveaway link: www.smilebrilliant.com/g/southernshine

  • The giveaway is for a $149 Smile Brilliant credit. It is open for at least 1-2 weeks (after blog post date) and open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents.

  • Smile Brilliant hosts the giveaway on our own website. It's done through an internal platform so we don't have to worry about third-party websites selling your readers' email addresses.

  • You will need at least 25 entries in order for me to close the giveaway and choose a winner.

  • All entrants must enter their email address to be entered!

Smile Brilliant Before and After

All the Fall Feels at Like a Blue Girl

Nicole Oswalt

With the temps finally dropping it is time to get serious about your Fall Wardrobe and Like a Blue Girl has got some great outfits. The fall parties have started and it is always hard to decide what to wear. This beautiful navy set (top $89 bottom $89) is has just enough coverage to be so comfortable and a little sexy at the same time. The flow is simply beautiful. Add an animal print clutch ($35) and statement earrings ($18) to pull this look together. Dusters are the hot item for fall. This flannel duster ($59)is a perfect way to update you favorite pair of jeans ($51). What I love about it is it will go with any style jean. Throw on your favorite cozy accessories and you are so casually cool. I would also throw it over a a silk tank and skinny black pants. Top it off with a wide belt and you have a chic dinner outfit. Sweaters are everything this fall and a good cream sweater ($44) is a must. Joggers are here to stay and these green velour joggers ($42) are a great buy for the holidays. I chose to dress them down with leopard high-top sneakers ($89) but you could definitely dress them up with a sequin top and heels. The clear bag ($33) will go with everything and you can take it to concerts and games. Follow Like a Blue Girl on Instagram and Facebook, They are happy to ship!!

Like a Blue Girl 2209 5th St. Meridian MS 228-860-9589

Good Food, Good times, and Good Company In Jackson Mississippi

Nicole Oswalt

Last Thursday Night Visit Jackson hosted a Blogger Event for several Mississippi Bloggers and I was so excited to be included. Mississippi has got some really gifted bloggers and I would like to introduce you to a few of them that I had the pleasure of sharing the evening with. Please give these girls a follow you will love them: @laurel at thehive, @kassyondesign, @kelsiebynum, @lifewithmeag, and @katherynrooker.

We started the evening with a tour of the Cathead Distillery and a tasting. I was such a cool place and I learned so much. It would be a fun date night too. It is pet and kid friendly. They often have bands and events. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more information. The history of Cathead Vodka is really fascinating by I don’t want to spoil it for you. You will love the tour.

Next stop was Happy Hour at Apothecary. This speakeasy is located behind Brent’s Drugstore in Fondren. I have alway heard great things about the cocktails here and I have to admit they live up to the hype. The vibe is so vintage and totally classy. I don’t think I have seen a cooler place to have a cocktail.

Next we got to experience The Barrel House. This restaurant is relatively new and has a very unique menu. We were able to try several of the appetizers: Tuna Poke’ Nachos, State Street Sausage Plate, Brisket Sliders, Oyster Rockefeller Flatbread, and BBQ Tater Tots… They were fabulous!!!! We topped it off with a blondie brownie topped off with Ice cream.

It was an Incredible evening with incredible company. I would like to thank Visit Jackson for Inviting us to learn about a few of the fun things to do in their city. I love sharing them with you.

If you are interested in hosting a Blogger Event please feel free to contact me.

Shopping for Fall at Northpark Mall in Ridgeland Mississippi

Nicole Oswalt

If you have been to Northpark Mall lately you probably noticed all of the huge renovations going on… Big changes are in progress and the Grand Reopening weekend is November 15th-18th. You will also notice lots of new events I plan to share with you. I have always enjoyed shopping at Dillards so I put together two fun looks. Animal print is bigger than ever this year. I found a leopard print suit! It has a bit of a 70’s vibe. It is a traffic stopper. The shoe Department is the is so good and these black booties will go with everything and are extremely comfortable. I also noticed a beautiful suede Moto jacket. The striped jeans are so on trend for fall I suggest you add a pair to update your jean collection. Next it was off to H&M….. H&M has so many of trendy pieces for great prices. I love this black pleather midi skirt, I paired it with a mauve chunky sweater. I really like the H&M sweaters the quality is really good for the price. I always find tons of accessories there too. They have some really good casual clothing too. Everyone needs a good lightweight jacket to layer this fall and Winter. This army green color is great to work with a good plaid flannel and denim. I hope you will follow my Instagram stories to see some of the cute things I am finding at Northpark this fall.

Dillards Look- Animal Print Blazer $188 Pants $118 Hat$38 Booties $159. Suede Jacket $198 Bag $350 Jeans$119 Tank $20 Earrings $34 Booties $159

H & M- Sweater $24.99 Skirt $24 Heels $24.99 Bag $49.99 Sunglasses $9.99 Jacket $49.99 Flannel Shirt $17.00 Jeans- $19.99 Boots$39.99 Scarf- $12.99

Northpark Moll 1200 E County Line Rd Ridgeland Ms 601-863-2300