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All Things Christmas Post 3!! Gift ideas and decorations.

Nicole Oswalt

 Last weekend I  shopped Oxford. We all know about the great stores on the square but there are some off the beaten path places too. Last week I shared a video on my Facebook and Instagram pages showing Discount Building Supplies Christmas selection. I have to say I have not seen anything around to beat it. I have one picture on the blog but you must look at the video. I don't care where you live but that store is worth the drive. Oxford also has Chaney Drugs. The gifts and decorations for sale are certainly not what you think you will find in a drug store. They carry the Pursen travel bags. A friend gave me the jewelry travel bag last year and I am hooked. This bag has individual zip sections to keep your jewelry from breaking and it is a great organizer. I love the cute Fancy Pants cup.(great idea for the babysitter) The Angel is unique it is going on my mantel. Next I headed to Sugar Magnolia and found this huge snowman(5ft tall), The price was unbelievable. I picked up a cute cap too. I ended my day at The Mustard Seed. I found this plush throw with pompoms. I have seen these around for double the price. I love to give earrings and these tassel style earrings are for your trendy friend. I hope these posts inspire you with ideas and make you go and check out some of these places. 

Pursen Jewlery Travel Bag $48 Cup $15 Angel $28 Chaney Drugs Snowman $48 Hat $17 Sugar Magnolia Blanket $48 Earrings $24