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Don't you just love to decorate yourself?!?!

Nicole Oswalt

The wide-leg ankle pant is a stylish piece to add pizazz to your transitional wardrobe. Finally, something with a different cut that can go anywhere! Try them with comfy flats, dressy heels, or versatile wedges. They look great with the new shorter cut tops and the fashionable bell sleeve.    I love to accessorize this look with a cut scarf at the neck, statement earrings, a large hand-held bag, and a pop of color on my feet. Because the the legs are so wide, the look will balance the big accessories. I sure love to decorate myself!!!! This is a great look for all ages. The best thing about it is they are incredibly slimming (if paired with the correct top)!!

Top: Karlie from Neilsons Oxford MS

Pants and Scarf: Ann Taylor

Shoes and Bag: Target