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Porchin' In The South

Nicole Oswalt


   In the South we love our porch.... we have gas heaters in the winter and fans in the summer. My husband and I took this old wheelbarrow and made a table. It gives so much atmosphere to the meal. We simply had glass cut for the top and put bed risers under the legs and boom you have a table! I believe rugs are fun to use everywhere—don’t just put them on the floor. I love using them as a tablecloth because they don’t cover the wheel and handles of the table. I have used several throw rugs along with placemats and chargers. Throw in some napkin rings, napkins, and some cute colorful plates and you have a fabulous outdoor table setting!! (The more patterns, colors, and textures the better.) Candles are a romantic way to warm the table. I added a few colorful different sized vases. Since the vases have color, I don’t have to add flowers.  

    My husband, aka Big Daddy, really appreciates having these porch dinners. It is just another way to go the extra mile to make our time together special. Sometimes a little staycation is even better than a vacation!