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Teeth Whitening at Home for Sensitive Teeth, Does It Work?

Nicole Oswalt

I  recently collaborated with Smile Brilliant to review their At Home Whitening Kit. It is a very easy way to achieve a beautiful bright smile in the comfort of your own home. When the kit arrived I   made my own impressions with the molding clay they sent. This process was so simple. It took only a few minutes. I stuck them in the mail and my trays were sent back to me within a week.


I  then started the two step process. You simply put the whitening gel in the tray. It takes about 45 minutes so I  like to do my hair and makeup while I whiten. Next you rinse the tray and fill it with the desensitizing gel. This second process closes the pores and helps to keep the teeth white and helps prevent any sensitivity you might have. By the way I   have very sensitive teeth and this step was very helpful.


I  have received so many compliments on my smile lately. I  was very happy with my results and would definitely recommend this kit. Smile Brilliant and I   will be giving away a kit and I have a coupon code for you too.


15% off coupon code: southernshine15

Giveaway link: www.smilebrilliant.com/g/southernshine

  • The giveaway is for a $149 Smile Brilliant credit. It is open for at least 1-2 weeks (after blog post date) and open to USA, UK, Australia and Canadian residents.

  • Smile Brilliant hosts the giveaway on our own website. It's done through an internal platform so we don't have to worry about third-party websites selling your readers' email addresses.

  • You will need at least 25 entries in order for me to close the giveaway and choose a winner.

  • All entrants must enter their email address to be entered!

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