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The Best White T-shirt ever made (super flattering on everyone) and ideas that will have you adding stripes to your wardrobe for the spring.

Nicole Oswalt

I    want to start off by just thanking everyone for following me.. I  have a long way to go but you all have really encouraged me to keep it up. I love a white t-shirt. This t-shirt from WILT is the most flattering one I have ever owned. These jeans with the stripe are so flattering. When you put on a plain white t-shirt your accessory options are just unlimited. The scarf, hat, and red booties complete this look. Everyone should own a few cute hats. They are great when you have no time to do your hair. I recently purchased this great Black and white top for work. Black and white stripes are just boring unless you pop color with them. I decided to pop two different colors with this top. The blue and white top is so preppy. We used to wear them in the early eighties. I have chosen white jeans with this top. I would also put this under a blazer or a light v-neck sweater.  Get ready for color this spring because it is everywhere. This Sunday at 4:00 tune in for another Facebook Live Video we will talk about 5 trends to add to your wardrobe this spring. Let your little light Shine!

White T-shirt- Wilt $84 Neilson's (Oxford Ms) Arco Avenue (Ridgeland Ms) White WIllow9 Gulfport Ms) Maison Weiss (Jackson)  Saks Fifth Ave 

Striped Jeans - Target $29.99 Hat- Target $17.99 Scarf- Target $12.99 Booties-Target $37.99

Black Striped Top- H and M $19.99 Mustard Pants - Old Navy $29.97 Black Bag - Anthropologie $89

Blue and White Top- Ann Taylor Loft- $39.99 (sale) Green Sweater- Belk $19.99 Pink Shoes-(last Year) Target White Jeans- Levis 711 Skinny $54.50 Belk