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Vacation Looks, Unique Timeless Fashion Pieces, Designer Fabrics, and Unique Gifts... All under one roof at Kim Duease Designs.

Nicole Oswalt

On this blogging journey, I  have become much more aware of the crazy talented women over 40 who are changing the way the world looks at us! Kim Duease is an artist, a decorator,a disigner, a business owner, and one of the most interesting gals I have ever known. Kim Duease Designs is located on Main Street in Madison Ms. She designs her own fabrics. With these colorful original prints she creates clothes, wallpaper, dishes, and just about anything else you can imagine.  Since this is only a blog post I am going to focus on the fashion today.

With spring break around the corner, I have put together some fun looks that would be great for the beach. Kim designs  these fabulous Caftans in all of her original fabrics... Long ones and short ones that can go from the pool to a fancy five-star dinner. I also love to throw a short one on with denim shorts to go grab a casual lunch. The off the shoulder top is a must for white jeans. These styles come in all different patterns designed by Kim. She can special order too.

Short Caftan-$195 Long Caftan- $275    Sheer Caftan- $135  Off the Shoulder Top-$175

Kim also carries some fabulous pieces from Magnolia Pearls. These designer items are hard to find and can be mixed from year to year with the  trendy items in your closet. Any peice from one of the Magnolia Pearls' colections is a timeless investment.I am told many of the peices will triple in value over the years.  They look amazing on women of all ages and sizes. The vintage detailing sets this fashion line apart from all others,

Polka Dot Jacket-$300 Star T-Shirt-$95  LS Polka-dot T- $140   Linen Overalls- $300   Yellow Knit Dress- $175  Cosmo Apron- $350 Peasant Blouse- $350

I have posted a video of the inside of the store on my Southern Shine 2017 Facebook page so i can provide you with the whole picture,. If you wish to order any of these fashions you may contact kim on Instagram, Facebook , or by phone 601-954-9243.