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Go in for a tan and come out with something fun to wear? Sure why not! Fun fashions at the Beach Look Boutique.

Nicole Oswalt

  I    had seen some really cute things on The Beach Look Boutique  Instagram page but I    had no idea they were located in Pearl. The name come from the fact they are a tanning business too. When I walked in the first thing that caught my eye was this adorable little cactus print dress, I think it perfect for our outdoor festivals this time of year. I had just purchased a darling sombrero so what could go better with it than this dress! I get asked about cowboy boots all the time. Are they still in? That is a yes and no answer. If you buy top name boots like Old Gringo I have good news!!!Those designer boots don't go out of style they become vintage which means they can still be stylish (not trendy) when worn with the right thing. For example, wear them with a solid white simple dress and you have style put them on with a fringe dress and you are wearing a trend that is now out of style.  There is nothing more stylish than vintage done right. This boutique had some darling tops and I love pink. The tie in the front is a cute trendy touch. I will wear this pink top with white everything!!!! This spring lightweight sweaters with shorts are going to be so popular. This cute navy and white striped sweater even has V-neck!  The Beach Look Boutique is offering a 20% off discount off one item to you if you mention Southern Shine. You may shop with them on Facebook, Instagram, and In-store. They are happy to ship!

Cactus Dress- $44.95 White Dress- $44.95 Pink Top- $38.95 Strioed Sweater-$4495