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My journey with Botox and Filler at Face and Body Center Spa,,,,

Nicole Oswalt

I   believe beauty comes from within but I  also love the fact that we now have ways to turn back the clock a little when it comes to aging. The staff at Face and Body is so well educated and well respected. I was thrilled to team up with them so you could follow my journey. Face and Body Spa will give you 20% off this week only (May 7-11 2018) if you mention Southern Shine.  If you are ready to try Botox and/or Filler now is the time. I did Botox on the forehead and around the eyes. Everyone is different but for me, it usually costs from $450 -$500. Botox it $10 a unit and Dysport is $8 a unit. You would need a consultation to see what Mandy would suggest for you. Botox lasts 5- 6 months on me but it can vary.  I had filler put in my lips. Mandy helped me decide which filler that would work best for me. We decided on Restylane.  I also filled the frown lines. The lips are usually $450-600. I like my lips pretty full so I am around $600. Then the Frown lines are usually $450-$600 for a  syringe. I am the $600 range. There are a few things you need to know before you go: No alcohol, Advil, or Aleve for 24 hours prior to or after your injections (it will cause you to bruise) , No exercise for 24 hours after your injections (you could drop o brow), No ice after the injections (the filler will fill in the wrinkles around the lips better) and drink a lot of water (Filler does better and lasts longer if you stay hydrated) I did all of the injections with no numbing cream and it really wasnt bad, I have to admit I was a little nervous but I probably with forgo the cream next time too. I would compare the stings to ant bites. It does sting but definitely not unbearable!!! Totally worth it in my opinion. The consultation and injections took about 45 minutes so I was able to do it on my lunch break and make it back to work with no downtime. Three days later and I only had one tiny bruise. If you have any questions or me feel free to inbox me on Facebook or Instagram. I will be glad to answer them. I plan to share a video so you can see for your self what it looks like. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Sign up for the Newsletter to receive the monthly specials. 

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