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Three Fabulous Gulfport Stores You Should Visit...

Nicole Oswalt

The MS Gulf Coast is one of my favorite places to shop. Gulfport alone has enough cute boutiques to take up a full day. I am going to show you three you definitely should check out.

White Willow 8930 Lorraine Rd Ste E, Gulfport MS 228-731-3308 This boutique is full of hard to find designer fashions. It is full of well-known brands and premium denim. I love to shop there for special occasion. If they don't have your size they are happy to order it for you. Many of their out of town clients shop by Facebook, Instagram, and phone. But if you have the chance to shop in the store it is an amazing experience. Purple Top- $190 White Jeans- $196 Straw Bag- $85 Earrings-$165

The Radish Loft 76 48th St Ste A Gulfport MS 228-284-1668 You may need a GPS to get there but trust me it is worth it. I have loved shopping there over the years and I have bought gifts for all my girlfriends over the years. The front half of the store is stocked with gifts and the back half with clothes and PJ Harlow loungewear. They have some fun trunk shows and a fun Christmas open house. They post frequently on Facebook and Instagram. White Top=$44 Jeans- $77 Necklace- $287

Fly Boutique 452 Courthouse Rd Suite H, Gulfport Ms 228-206-4137 shopflyboutique.com.    Although Fly Boutique has a fabulous website, I love to shop in-store. There are so many things you will find in one of the four stores that you won't see online. They post on Instagram and Facebook daily. If you shop the website please use the Jane10 code. You can join the Shop Fly VIP group for the FB Live every Thursday night. Gingham Check Top-$34(instore) Star Shorts-$34(online or Instore) Hat-$24(instore).