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Take your professional work blazer and turn it in to the coolest most stylish item in your closet.

Nicole Oswalt

I   don't know when it happens but one day you just wake up and you don't know what to wear. You don't want to look like you are trying to be a teenager but you don't want to be a maw maw. I know you feel me. Well, I  am going to really try and help you with that struggle. The blazer is a must-have for all of us over 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's,...... The hottest way to style the blazer is not with the normal dress, skirt or pair slacks. It is to mix it up with cut offs, distressed denim, graphic t-shirts, and white t-shirts. This season you with see a mix of casual and dressy on all the most stylish icons of all ages. The mix of sneakers and dresses, lace and denim, and blazers with t-shirts and denim. One of my favorite looks I saw on Instagram today was distressed denim overalls with a silk polka dot bow blouse. It was fabulous. You just have to do this trend right to pull it off. I definitely think you need a high heel shoe, a great belt, and a clutch. These accessories make the look chic. If you are doing cut-off make the heel strappy, the all-white jeans and t-shirt need a neutral heel. I love a hat with any of these looks. I don't have a bag in the picture but I would go with black or grey (don't match the shoe). The graphic t with the blazer is my favorite right now. I went with the black block heel shoes and black bag on this one but for dinner, I would add a rhinestone or pearl statement necklace to give it a pop. The best thing about these fun looks is this blazer is only $34.99 from forever21.com and it is super lightweight so it is good for our hot climate. I have linked it below along with some of the other items

 Blazer  Distressed Jeans  Cut-offs Shorts White Jeans Bag