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My 1st Amazon Haul and what I learned..

Nicole Oswalt

I hate to admit it but this was the 1st time I have ever really shopped Amazon. Now, Big Daddy is a Prime member and buys quite a bit but I have always preferred boutiques. You may shop all the items in my haul by simply clicking on the images. I will be sharing some of the items and how I styled them on Facebook, Instagram and the Liketoknowit app. When shopping Amazon it is important to be a Prime member. You may have up to 4 different people in one household under one membership. This membership gives you free shipping and extra discounts. So basically if you order 10 things a year it pays for itself. One important thing to know is to look for items with the word prime out by the item description. This means quick free shipping. If you order items without the prime by the description they can be coming from China and sometimes there are issues with return and timely shipping. It is possible for an item to go on and off of Prime so double check on items you leave in your cart. Things often restock rather quickly on Amazon so if they are out of your size check back frequently. I also like to read reviews on items because less expensive items often run small. I have linked several leopard leggings be cause they are selling out so quickly. You have to act fast with Amazon. If you have any questions feel free to inbox me on Instagram and I will try to help. I have added some pictures below the haul items of how I styled some of the pieces.