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Leggings...How to wear them when you are over 29!

Nicole Oswalt

With the new Spanx leggings there is no reason to shy away from this trend when you are lets say over 29.. The first thing you need is a v neck sweater or longer top. I still like to do a front tuck with the tunic and tie something around my waist. You can do a plaid or striped top or even a jean jacket. This covered your bum and outside and inside thighs taking off any easy 15 lbs. I added the new belt bag with It. I love that for hands free shopping or grand baby holding. Get a cute pair of sneakers you will not regret it. These I have on are Ash and I got them for Christmas. Unfortunately they are out of stock but I am watching for a restock. I am linking this outfit on the picture above this post and on the Liketonknowit App. I also will untuck the tunic and throw on a scarf, wrap or vest. I love to do the plaid top and front tuck and wrap a denim jacket around my waist. It is so cute with the plaid shirt (tunic length untucked) and wear the denim jacket over it. I usually throw on a baseball cap with this look. If you want to dress them up don’t be afraid to add boots or booties. You will love these casual and comfortable looks I promise!