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My favorites for the Beach and Pool

Nicole Oswalt

I send a lot of time at our pool in the backyard and love to go to the beach when I can. All of the suits below I have either tried on or own. So they revery flattering. You can shop these Items by clicking on the pictures. I know finding the perfect suit as a mid-lifer can be. a real challenge. So I thought I would share a few of my favorite suits and accessories.I also thought you might like a few tips.

  1. You need a new suit at least every 2 years. The style change and wearing a suit that is not on trend can really age you.

  2. DON’T do matchy matchy with the cover up and swimsuit.

  3. A black chic suit with a great hat and cover up is always a safe bet.

  4. Big floral prints can me risky. They don’t work for everyone.

  5. A swim skirt is fine but you are way past the cheerleader days. So no big pleated skirts.